Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Diaper bag giveaway


This blogger Amy is giving away a new diaper bag by Ju Ju Be. She is giving away your choice of BFF, BeSpicy, or PackaBe. I personally prefer the BFF. It is the perfect diaper bag for me.

While this brand of diaper bag also seems expensive there is a way I earn $5 Amazon gift cards to help pay for them. http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Butterflyjuju I do Swagbucks. Just search like you normally do on Google but you win swagbucks. Win 450 swagbucks by searching or adding codes and you can trade them for $5 Amazon gift card.

Why do I like this brand of diaper bag you ask? They are machine washable, the customer service is awesome, they gave me a free one in their real mom giveaway, they have excellent resale value, and they have great colors and styles. There are many more reasons as those are just a few.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hardest day of my life

I would have to say today was one of the hardest days of my life. I mean I didn't cry when my mother had heart surgery. But my own baby under the knife? You can bet your sweet keester that I did. I held strong until we got in the van to come home and I just lost it.

We got up right around 8am for her to eat her only meal for the day. She could have milk until 10:15am. Then clear liquids until 2:15pm. Her surgery was schedules for 4:15pm

She amazed me with how good she was. She played around in the first waiting room. Then played with the toys in the other room while we waited. She patiently let people touch her and hold her. Then she got sleepy and napped a while. Then it was time for happy meds after waiting for 2 hours. She made the nurses day by talking and being all silly. Then came the hard part.

I had to hand her over to a complete stranger and tell her bye. Those that know Meredyth know how much she takes in and understands. So I had already told her what was going to happen and she seemed to accept it.

The wait was the most horrible thing I've ever had. The doc calls me back for consultation. The surgery went great. The hole in her abdomen was bigger than he expected. Then more wait. I just wanted my baby back!!!

Finally I was allowed to go back to her. She was very happy to see me. I almost couldn't hold back the tears then. There was a hitch in her breathing from her screaming when she came out from under anesthesia. And she was so hoarse from the breathing tube. So we got all of our release info and was able to come home.

When we got home, Memaw and the rest of the gang was waiting. Meredyth impatiently waited for her "Maw" to hold her. Memaw was fixing cookies. Memaw sat with her for a bit and tried to feed her. Memaw had to go but we had bedtime prayers first. The big kids went to bed and M snuggled in for a sleep.

She woke to see daddy. Ate a few cereal bars and drank a little. She talked to us a bit. She decided to stretch out for the first time this night and went back to sleep. She woke a bit when she smelled mommy eating chocolate. She ate a few bites and went back to sleep.

She is comfortably asleep in the Pack n Play in the living room. I wasn't sure how good she'd sleep tonight so I thought this would be best. This way I'd have quick access to the fridge for drinks and the recliner for cuddling if needed.

Praying for an easy night and rest. Tomorrow may be a long day.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

EVERYONE ELSE knows you're a mom when...

These were all posted on another board I belong to. Thought they were funny and that I'd collect the sayings here. Some of these could both be mom or dad.

EVERYONE ELSE knows you're a mom when...

-you have a Batman tatoo bandaid on the back of your thigh

-you pull cars and board books out of your purse searching for your wallet

-you forget about the 4 bows in your hair before walking into Target/convenient store/etc

-You can continue a conversation with a friend in your mini van, while completely tuning out the hollering from the back

-when you announce that you have to go potty or peepee!

-When you realize that you've been walking around all day with a sticker (or a lot of stickers) on your ankle/back of your tshirt/substitute any other place where you're probably not supposed to have a sticker.

-When you wear a Spongebob Band-Aid.

-When you carry around random stuffed animals.

-You high five the random toddler in the store who just announced that he pooped in the potty that morning much to his mother's embarrassment.

-You walk around oblivious to the snot/slobber/jelly/chocolate smear on your shoulder

-You talk about your child going potty or poo during normal conversation like it is a current event!

-You find silly putty on your butt at the end of the day, and realize this is what DD was referring to when she pointed at your rear end and said "What's that?" before you left the house that morning.

-You listen to the Bob the Builder CD, or the Sesame Street soundtrack, for 15 minutes in the car before you realize you don't have to, because the kids aren't with you!

-You and your hubby are out in public without the kids and yet you still call him "Daddy" when trying to grab his attention.

-you hum Elmo's world at work

-When you can recite any childrens movie word for word, but you have never actually sat down and watched the movie.

-You have the soother hanging on a clip from your bathing suit

-You pull out your pack of wipes and ask someone if they need a baby wipe

-When you realize you are talking to your gal pal about different types of poop (or lack thereof)!

-when you spell things mid conversation like " C-A-N-D-Y " or "P-A-R -K"

-When you recite kids books and/or music from heart when your children aren't around.

-When you come back from the restroom and complain about the lack of changing tables... even though you don't have any kids with you because those are just the type of things you notice.

-When someone asks for a tissue and you are able to produce not just a tissue, but a boogie wipe, baby wipe, bottle of hand sanitizer, drink of water and breath mint.

-When you're busy checking out the stroller, carrier, diaper bage, etc. of every parent passing by.

-When you ask someone to please use their "nice words."

-When you get excited and have to tell everyone you see that the store you shop at most often got new shopping carts.

-When you're out at night and you tell the people you're with that you really should be getting home because it's past your bedtime.

-When you have to remind yourself to close the door to the bathroom in a public place or at a friend's house because you are so used to going with the door open at home. (either by choice or because your toddler just MUST join you)

-When you call things by the noise they make, even when you are with only grown-ups. (Look at the beep-beep!)

-When you can't remember the last time you were with only grown-ups.

-When you stop excusing the state of the living room to guests.

-When you haven't been to the grocery store in two weeks, so the only food left in your house is 'toddler' food - chicken nuggets, goldfish, baby apple juice, and cheese sticks.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Winner chosen...Congrats Nikia!

I used Random.org to randomly pick a number between 1 and 26. It chose 4. And #4 is Nikia! Congrats.

…so you're at the grocery store and you pull your wallet out extra early so the ladies in line can get a glimpse of your newest status symbol. This uber wallet has a place for absolutely everything. An outside cash/coin pocket for easy access to your money, tons of credit card slots (tell your hubby that it's just for your discount cards at the market), gusseted interior pocket for checkbook and register (or coupons)...and a lot more!!!

http://www.ju-ju-be.com/images/catalog_shots/thumbs/berich_inside.jpg Go here to see inside pictures if you haven't seen one before.

This contest will go until May 31st. I have won many contests and thought this would be a way to pay it forward.

1. Tell me about your favorite diaper bag! (one entry)
2. Link me to pictures of your favorite bag! (one entry)
3. Tell me about your ugliest diaper bag used! (one entry)
4. Link me to pictures of your ugliest diaper bag! (one entry)
*Pictures can be on FaceBook, or any photo site such as photobucket. If the winner is a picture one, picture will be validated before I ship.

I will pick a random winner on June 1st. Have fun!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Win a JJB BeHave


Enter to win one of the new Earth Leather Ju Ju Be BeHaves.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little Dudes and Divas

Little Dudes and Divas is an online store that I have ran across. http://www.littledudesanddivas.com . They also have a forum http://ldandd.forumotion.net where you can chat about their items for sale. And a FaceBook fan page for enthusastic fans http://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Dudes-and-Divas/67328758353?v=wall&story_fbid=115216088495634#!/pages/Little-Dudes-and-Divas/67328758353?v=wall .

They are wonderful for finding the popular baby items. Shipping is fast. And the customer service is the most awesome. They do giveaways a lot. I have won a few items from them recently.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Meredyth Alyse!

One year ago today I was in the hospital. I had been under observation overnight to see if my blood pressure would go down and if my fluid level would go up. Docs decided it was time for my baby to be born.

So Happy Birthday to my Dinky Do!

From this little peanut:

To this little beauty:

May you have many more years to come.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Win a free Ju Ju Be MightyBe bag!


A blogger friend of mine is giving away a Ju Ju Be MightyBe Bag. This bag is so versatile! I love it for co-op days. Or days when I just need a big open bag for anything! Enter to see if you can win.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are we spotless or do we keep running to Christ for cleaning?

There are people so meticulous on cleaning. Making sure everything is spotless all the time and everything in it's place. Yet I wonder if these people are the same with their walk with Christ. Do they take the time to make sure their life it spotless that everything is in it's place so they can make it to Heaven? Or are they those that "look" clean on the outside but on the inside not white as snow?

What about those that let things get filthy before cleaning? Is their life and walk with Christ the same? Do they let things get filthy in their life before they run back to God? How many times do they expect God to forgive? Yes He is a loving, merciful, and forgiving God and will forgive many times. We need to remember that He can and will say NO if He feels that is best. What then? The Bible says not to tempt the Lord.

To enter into Heaven we need to be meticulous on making sure we are spotless. Is there anything that God would not be pleased with? Prayer, worship, and devotions will help us learn to be where we need to be. God will not let an honest heart be deceived. He will work with us and mold us to fit His needs IF we will give up and let Jesus take over.

Are you that meticulous person or the filthy one? Don't let your heart be deceived. Strive to keep your salvation. You never know if the next time the answer will be NO.