Sunday, June 20, 2010

EVERYONE ELSE knows you're a mom when...

These were all posted on another board I belong to. Thought they were funny and that I'd collect the sayings here. Some of these could both be mom or dad.

EVERYONE ELSE knows you're a mom when...

-you have a Batman tatoo bandaid on the back of your thigh

-you pull cars and board books out of your purse searching for your wallet

-you forget about the 4 bows in your hair before walking into Target/convenient store/etc

-You can continue a conversation with a friend in your mini van, while completely tuning out the hollering from the back

-when you announce that you have to go potty or peepee!

-When you realize that you've been walking around all day with a sticker (or a lot of stickers) on your ankle/back of your tshirt/substitute any other place where you're probably not supposed to have a sticker.

-When you wear a Spongebob Band-Aid.

-When you carry around random stuffed animals.

-You high five the random toddler in the store who just announced that he pooped in the potty that morning much to his mother's embarrassment.

-You walk around oblivious to the snot/slobber/jelly/chocolate smear on your shoulder

-You talk about your child going potty or poo during normal conversation like it is a current event!

-You find silly putty on your butt at the end of the day, and realize this is what DD was referring to when she pointed at your rear end and said "What's that?" before you left the house that morning.

-You listen to the Bob the Builder CD, or the Sesame Street soundtrack, for 15 minutes in the car before you realize you don't have to, because the kids aren't with you!

-You and your hubby are out in public without the kids and yet you still call him "Daddy" when trying to grab his attention.

-you hum Elmo's world at work

-When you can recite any childrens movie word for word, but you have never actually sat down and watched the movie.

-You have the soother hanging on a clip from your bathing suit

-You pull out your pack of wipes and ask someone if they need a baby wipe

-When you realize you are talking to your gal pal about different types of poop (or lack thereof)!

-when you spell things mid conversation like " C-A-N-D-Y " or "P-A-R -K"

-When you recite kids books and/or music from heart when your children aren't around.

-When you come back from the restroom and complain about the lack of changing tables... even though you don't have any kids with you because those are just the type of things you notice.

-When someone asks for a tissue and you are able to produce not just a tissue, but a boogie wipe, baby wipe, bottle of hand sanitizer, drink of water and breath mint.

-When you're busy checking out the stroller, carrier, diaper bage, etc. of every parent passing by.

-When you ask someone to please use their "nice words."

-When you get excited and have to tell everyone you see that the store you shop at most often got new shopping carts.

-When you're out at night and you tell the people you're with that you really should be getting home because it's past your bedtime.

-When you have to remind yourself to close the door to the bathroom in a public place or at a friend's house because you are so used to going with the door open at home. (either by choice or because your toddler just MUST join you)

-When you call things by the noise they make, even when you are with only grown-ups. (Look at the beep-beep!)

-When you can't remember the last time you were with only grown-ups.

-When you stop excusing the state of the living room to guests.

-When you haven't been to the grocery store in two weeks, so the only food left in your house is 'toddler' food - chicken nuggets, goldfish, baby apple juice, and cheese sticks.