Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are we spotless or do we keep running to Christ for cleaning?

There are people so meticulous on cleaning. Making sure everything is spotless all the time and everything in it's place. Yet I wonder if these people are the same with their walk with Christ. Do they take the time to make sure their life it spotless that everything is in it's place so they can make it to Heaven? Or are they those that "look" clean on the outside but on the inside not white as snow?

What about those that let things get filthy before cleaning? Is their life and walk with Christ the same? Do they let things get filthy in their life before they run back to God? How many times do they expect God to forgive? Yes He is a loving, merciful, and forgiving God and will forgive many times. We need to remember that He can and will say NO if He feels that is best. What then? The Bible says not to tempt the Lord.

To enter into Heaven we need to be meticulous on making sure we are spotless. Is there anything that God would not be pleased with? Prayer, worship, and devotions will help us learn to be where we need to be. God will not let an honest heart be deceived. He will work with us and mold us to fit His needs IF we will give up and let Jesus take over.

Are you that meticulous person or the filthy one? Don't let your heart be deceived. Strive to keep your salvation. You never know if the next time the answer will be NO.